Very few integrators in the nation had been in DAS business for more than 10 years. On Air in business for 15 years.

Luis Correa. DAS Construction Manager. 11.5 years with On Air.


On Air started in 2001 in Houston when there were very few DAS companies in the U.S. Limited choice of DAS gear and literature made those days difficult in the DAS business. But we graduated that School of Hard Knocks. DAS business has flourished quite a bit over the past 15 years, and we grew too - in size, employees, service offerings, knowledge, skills, and experience.

What keep us grounded everyday is the reality that it's hard to build a reputation, but much easier & faster to lose it. So we strive hard to make give our customers quality services, make them happy, and build a meaningful relationship. We like to believe, our customers come to us for our expertise, but stay with us because of the rich relationship we build by providing hassle-free experience every time.


Majority of our business comes through referral. We provide hassle-free experience through dedicated project management.

Justin Ju. 2 years with On Air. CCNA & Project Manager. Father of upcoming project manager Jaden (4 years).

Dedicated project management to provide hassle-free experience.

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